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Thread: Adopting a Teenager

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    Adopting a Teenager

    In our family, we have a 5-year-old girl and a 4-month old boy. My husband and I talked about adopting after having 2 kids and lately my heart is drawn to helping teenagers. I've been on the placement and social work side of things, and it pains me to see kids who age out without any support. Is there anyone here with experience or ideas about adopting a teenager? How about international adoption? Any inputs would be greatly appreciated!

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    The advice we were given was not to adopt children who are older than your own, typically above toddler age until your biological kids are old enough to report any abuse or unsafe situations. I guess it's really just a precaution you need to take because you really never know unless you are adopting a teenager you've known.

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    My sister has fostered and adopted teens and she also got young kids at home. I think it would be best to read and seek out websites or books, or maybe perhaps speak to a former foster youth. It would also help to read up on trauma and the honeymoon period. The thing with sibling groups is that the oldest child is "parentified". That means you'll have to show them they don't necessarily have to parent their younger siblings anymore.

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