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Thread: Getting Revision Done

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    Getting Revision Done

    I am planning to have my lap band removed and then have the gastric sleeve surgery. I am tired of throwing up multiple times a day and having so much discomfort. I also don't think the band will ever get my weight down as low as I want it. I'll admit that I didn't conform to the rules very well with the band, but have more motivation now, since I had a baby a year ago. I am hoping the sleeve will work so I can be more active with my child..

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    Crazymetain, thanks for posting here on MCM. Today the conversion surgery from lap band to Gastric Sleeve or Mini Gastric Bypass is very popular. Most Lap band patients have the same troubles like you do and they are tired of living with the lap band. The Gastric Sleeve is an excellent option with excellent results post op. Best of luck to you and are you having the procedure in Mexico ? Keep us posted here at MCM

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    I had my lap band removed and it was revised to the Gastric Sleeve procedure. I did not do very well with my lap band. I had it done in Mexico a few years ago and I now understand that it did not have anything to do with the surgery - it was my bad eating habits after my surgery that contributed to my poor outcome. I am doing much better with the sleeve but it's still hard work. I need to make good food choices each dat and I need to exercise. It's totally worth it.

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    Getting Revision Done

    We were going to get a poured/stamed patio done on our new house but we want a deck instead. Hoping to find a few good places to get reasonable

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