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Thread: Tummy Tuck Fluid

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    Tummy Tuck Fluid

    I had a tummy tuck about 6 weeks ago and accumulated fluid after the drains were removed. My doctor agrees that there is fluid, but not enough to warrant surgery to drain. I'm looking for advice as to whether there is anything I could do to expedite the drainage? Would it help if I wore my abdominal binder 24/7, as opposed to when I'm not sleeping, as my doctor instructed?

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    Compression and lymphatic massage helped me. Alternating the heavy-duty compression binder with a back brace compression device helped as well.

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    Tummy Tuck Fluid

    Hello one and all,

    Here is an update for you...I inquired about having tummy tuck done with I got my 3rd and final opinion from Walter Reed plastic surgeon...absolutely NOT to have a tummy tuck asking for trouble....and he said if you were my family member I wold not do this procedure for there you have it.that thought is now long gone from my head...on to another adventure....which is to try and see a lymphedema doctor...that is still in the works...will update that later as well....


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    Thanks for the update ! good luck to you armywife

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