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Thread: Preparing for Breast Augmentation

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    Preparing for Breast Augmentation

    For those considering breast augmentation, here are some pointers based on my experience.

    1) Listen to your doctor's advice on what you should have done. He is the expert.
    2) Buy new bras and clothing in the proper size.
    3) Make sure you have things ready at home, like having food and clean laundry. You don't want to strain yourself afterward for a while.
    4) You may want to ask for a pain prescription, just in case. And you may need some Xanax for the anxiety.
    5) Massaging your breasts after surgery to help relieve some of the pain.
    6) Walking helps reduce the swelling.
    7) Strengthen your back prior to surgery. Your new breasts will be heavier and your back will feel the strain.
    8) Avoid driving for as long as possible.
    9) Don't over-exert yourself; take it easy for a few weeks.
    10) Don't hesitate to call your doctor if you have any questions.

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    I agree on #4 about the drugs, as I was very sore post-op.

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    I went from a B to a C-D cup, but didn't realize that I had tuberous breasts. So even after surgery, they pointed nipple-down. Also, it's hard to find bras that are comfortable, even 2 months post-op. If you have an office job, you can probably return to work within a week or so. But if you work with your arms and hands, you should wait 5-6 weeks.

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    I rubbed coconut oil on my breasts post-op, which prevented stretch marks.

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