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Thread: Tired of the Lap Band Hassle

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    Tired of the Lap Band Hassle

    I have given up on my lap band. I am sick of going to the restroom after eating and puking for 20 minutes. I'm tired of all the maintenance surrounding the band. I do have a problem with comfort food and stress eating. After consulting with my doctor, we are considering the gastric sleeve. I'm interested in hearing what weight loss surgery works for others and why.

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    Because of your issues with comfort food, I would recommend bypass surgery, since it restricts that type of eating. Gastric bypass is the most recommend type of weight loss surgery by physicians and has the best results. The gastric sleeve can also cause throwing up to a lesser degree. However, you will also have problems throwing up with any of the surgeries if you eat too much in quantity, fats, sugar, etc.

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    Gastric bypass and the sleeve have very similar weight loss results. No weight loss procedure will prevent you from eating the "bad" foods, although some will have worse reactions if you do. The sleeve is very restrictive and takes away a lot of hunger feelings and what food is appealing. Counter to what many people believe, the sleeve's effect isn't only a restrictive one. It also removes the ghrelin hormone gland, which is what causes the feeling of being hungry.

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    For 2 years following my lap band surgery, everything seemed great. But then it fell apart. In my opinion, the fear of throwing up results in us eating the "comfort foods"; the softer, higher carbohydrate foods that cause us to crave more and more sugar. My doctor said he is doing at least one conversion surgery a week. I am also considering the sleeve conversion as well as gastric bypass. I am doing lots of research first, though, so I don't make the same mistakes!

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