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Thread: Considering Mini Gastric Bypass

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    Considering Mini Gastric Bypass

    I am 45 years old, weigh 187 lbs with a BMI of 35. I have zero willpower when it comes to eating. I have high cholesterol and triglycerides. Would MGB help me and how long is the recovery time?

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    I had the MGB less than a year ago and highly recommend it. I am very healthy, and have gone from 268 - 169 lbs.

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    My best friend's husband is a gastroenteroligist and bariatric surgeon, and I remember his saying he doesn't recommend MGB. It doesn't include RNY, which is necessary to for long-term health. The MGB does cause weight loss, but you may have future complications because of the digestive juices flowing back into your new small stomach/pouch. I recommend the full Gastric Bypass or the Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

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    Considering Mini Gastric Bypass

    How would I do the Master Cleanse if I have had Gastric Bypass surgery?For example How much maple syrup should I use?Should I continue to take a multi-vitamin?Is there any way to avoid muscle loss?Will I gain the muscle back?

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