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Thread: Cure for Illnesses and Diseases?

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    Cure for Illnesses and Diseases?

    How does the sleeve compare to the bypass when it comes to curing illnesses and diseases, like diabetes? I've heard that after bypass surgery, diabetics no longer have the disease, even before much weight loss. I'd prefer the sleeve, but want to know how they compare.

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    Helping lower my blood pressure and blood sugar was one of the prime reasons I chose to have the sleeve procedures. Only a few weeks after surgery, my blood sugar was normal without meds. I also went off my blood pressure meds because my pressure was dropping too low. My opinion is that the sleeve has great benefits for helping with these illnesses.

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    From what I've read, over 80% of type-2 diabetics will no longer have that issue after the sleeve surgery.

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    Prior to my VSG, I had the liver and skin of an alcoholic, but I do not drink. Apparently, the excess fatty food I was eating put my liver under considerable stress. 2 weeks post-op and my liver is functioning like a healthy person and my skin is glowing. I also got off the blood pressure meds.

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    I have heard that it really depends on how long you have had that specific disease before surgery. The less time you have had, for example diabetes, the faster you will get off your meds for that condition. I know that all the weight loss surgery procedures will have you lose weight which in turn will help any of those diseases that are obesity related such as diabetes and high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Each person is different and some surgeons recommend the gastric sleeve and others recommend the bypass.

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    I was told that weight loss in general, with or without surgery - a proper diet and exercise - will enable you to get off the meds. It's not the surgery that is the magic. It is what patients put in their mouth and their activity level that reverses all these obesity related diseases. There is no magic pill. If you do it with weigh loss surgery or not - losing weight and a healthy diet and exercise will enable you to put an end to all those pharmacy visits each month to get your scripts filled. best of luck

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    Cure for Illnesses and Diseases

    ok, Ive read your newest thread and...... theyll come in

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