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Thread: Sign of a multiple pregnancy?

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    Sign of a multiple pregnancy?

    Last week my friend did a HPT, an early one which showed a BFP. Her approximate due date is only just 4 weeks and 1 day later. However she is feeling really sick consitently, has gone off food and is really tired. Also she is having light pains in both ovaries, not just one. Does this mean that she could be pregnant with twins?

    Also the pain in both sides could this mean that she has released 1 egg from each side and indicate the growing luteum cyst on each ovary that it sustaining the pregnancy? Please give your thoughts on the matter. Thanks!

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    I can't answer the question about multiple pregnancies, but I can say that when I became pregnant I was extremely sick from around 3.5 weeks. It was too early for the test to show positive even. I had m/s with her for the entire pregnancy and labour. So I really hope she doesn't go through that.

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