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Thread: Donor Egg Success Stories

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    Donor Egg Success Stories

    Soliciting input from successful pregnancies resulting from egg donors. I would like to know how many cycles it took to become pregnant, how many embryos did you transfer and any other information that would be helpful to me.

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    Hi Tixih, I answered your question on embryo donation - now I will let you know how things work when choosing an egg donor in Mexico. Generally Egg Donor IVF has very high rates of success as the egg donors are young and healthy and are chosen due to their ability to produce large amounts of high quality follicles. Patients on average transfer between two and three embryos. A lot depends on the quality of the embryos and if patients are open to the option of multiple births. Patients need to remain for a bit longer than two weeks in Mexico for complete treatment. This allows time for a 3 day or a 5 day embryo transfer. The donor is prepped to produce multiple follicles to be retrieved on approximately day 10 of her cycle and intended mother is prepared for embryo transfer with medications from before she arrives in Mexico. There are clinics in Mexico which offer guarantees to patients which means that if there are embryos left over and stored in Mexico after embryo transfer occurs and pregnancy is not achieved, patients are welcome to return for a free FET (meds not included). This gives a higher success rate. Good luck with your journey to parenthood and one option in Mexico is in Cancun. Reach out to them IVF CANCUN

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    Donor Egg Success Stories


    No one in this success stories forum is affiliated with SENuke. Why do you think they are? ANd if you think they all are, what would be different method of explaining what they have done to make you think they arent affiliate with SENuke?

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