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Thread: Cost of Weight Loss

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    Cost of Weight Loss

    In my research, here's what I found out regarding the cost of weight loss surgeries and for those who are looking into the costs, they usually include the following:
    - Surgical team including an anesthesiologist
    - Operating room costs
    - Cost of eval for all preop
    - Surgical materials
    - Airport transportation (to and from)
    - Follow-up care and/or fill adjustments
    - Hotel accommodation

    Is there anything else that I missed?

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    Hi clasticfolly. It is great that you reached out here to MCM with your questions and I want to give you a breakdown of what is generally included in "bariatric packages in Mexico". Of course each facility can differ slightly and you need to ask each one individually but "in general" this is what you can expect:
    NOT INCLUDED: will be your flights to Mexico or SanDiego (very close to Tijuana).
    INCLUDED: included in most bariatric surgery packages in Mexico you will find: full ground transportation, 2 nights surgery centre, one to two nights hotel, pre.op labs, EKG, chest x.ray, surgical team, post operative testing.
    Make sure that you are given a contract upon scheduling your surgery and be sure to read the fine print and ask questions if things are not clear. You can reach out HERE to discuss with professional coordinators who specialise in surgery in Mexico. FACILITATORS

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