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Thread: Pregnant after treatment

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    Pregnant after treatment

    I'm just wondering if anyone has become pregnant soon after finishing their treatment. I received 2 rounds of BEACOPP and 4 rounds of ABVD and 3 weeks of rads to the neck and chest and am in complete remission. I've recently found out I'm pregnant with our third baby which was a huge shock as I thought that BEACOPP causes infertility. I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant and my drs don't seem to think there should be any complications and that this should just go ahead and a normal pregnancy but I am of course a little scared. Any comments would be appreciated.

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    I too had escalated beacopp. I had six cycles though and although it's not quite the same I now feel a bit more optimistic about the chances of having children as I don't have any. So thanks for that, also massive congratulations. Take care!

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    A lot of times pregnancy after cancer treatment is deemed safe for both the mother and baby. In most cases, the pregnancy doesn't increase the risk of cancer recurrence. However, some women are advised to wait a couple of years before trying to conceive. These usually depend on factors such as cancer type and stage, the types of treatment done, and the age of the woman. Have you consulted with your doctor What was the recommendation?

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    Some doctors advise that pregnancy should be held off at least 6 months after finishing chemo as that's when the damaged eggs will completely leave the body. But there are also doctors who suggest a 2-5 years waiting time before trying to conceiving. Not to cause a recurrence but if ever, the cancer treatment would be more complicated when pregnant. The waiting time is meant as a watching waiting of some sort to see if the cancer should recur or not. Please ask your doctor for his or her advice.

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    Here are some things you could ask your doctor:
    ~ Is the treatment going to affect my ability to have children and cause problems when I'm in labor and during delivery?
    ~ How long really should I wait before trying to have a child?
    ~ Will my follow-up care be affected when I have a child?
    ~ It my risk of recurrence going to increase?
    ~ Is there a support group you can be with for emotional support?

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