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Thread: Safety reminder

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    Safety reminder

    I'm sure many are here in MCM because they want to find more information about medical tourism in Mexico. And many of our fellow members here have outlined several helpful notes on preparing for surgery. I just would like to remind everyone that that's just half the journey. After surgery, you'll need to take care of yourself. Keep in mind the safe medications to take and if you're getting a weight loss surgery, do contact a dietician so that someone can help you on your road to success as you embark on a new and healthy lifestyle.

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    I absolutely agree! And do get involved in a support group. Medical Chat Mexico is a cool and informative online community where we have actual patients and members who are ready to give you the support you need. Everyone please feel free to share with others like you who have undergone surgery and especially to people who are still trying to make a decision.

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    The reason I came here to MCM is because a friend of mine told me that if I wanted to get reliable information from other people who have traveled to Mexico for a medical procedure, I would find them here. I like the idea that I came here prior to my procedure and I am now here "paying it forward" by sharing my experiences with others who are trying to make the jump and decision. I am also here now because I am researching my options of having my post bariatric cosmetic surgery in Mexico and I want to hear from others who are searching and from patients who have already been before me.
    I am not working with a dietician at this time but as I get closer to my goal weight, I think it will be important to have a bit of a diet overhaul. I will try to find one online. Maybe I will get a good suggestion for a dietician through somebody on this forum.

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    For me aside from safety and besides it being the journey to realize your dreams... you have to be prepared for a big mental journey. The support here at MCM is great!

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    Support is imperative before and after surgery. It doesn't matter if you have surgery at home or in Mexico - support is necessary. Going online is a great way to find support and to discuss with other patients who have been in your footsteps. They can help to put your mind at ease and share their personal journeys with you. What I do not agree with is when other former patients give medical advice. I believe that medical advice needs to come from the surgical team or the patient coordinators who are trained to respond to these types of questions. Never take medical advice from people online. Reach out directly to your scheduling people, facilitators, coordinators or surgical team. Thanks for sharing on MCM

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