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Thread: Tijuana/Mexico hotel suggestions please

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    Tijuana/Mexico hotel suggestions please

    So I'd like to get recommendations of hotels to stay for recovery when getting a surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. I'm looking for a safe one to stay, nothing too tourist-y but generally clean but most importantly just a SAFE place to be, taking into account the stress of recovery...

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    Hi Juicy84. There are many great hotel options in Tijuana, Mexico to choose from. Many Medical Tourists stay at the Grand Hotel and also at the La Lucerna Hotel. The Grand Hotel has a separate floor which is dedicated to Medical Tourism and it is called "Grand Care". The Grand Care section of the Grand Hotel has hospital beds instead of regular beds in the rooms. If you are a patient in recovery, this is an excellent option because sometimes it is very difficult to get a comfortable position with stitches and drains etc (depending on which type of surgery you have). The price for the Grand Care section of the Grand Hotel is approximately $100 dollars per night but many Medical Facilitators will include your hotel stay in the price of your surgery package. Good luck with your search and thanks for reaching out to us at MCM (medical chat mexico)

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    The Grand Motel Tijuana Casino & Resort is where I stayed after I was released. I stayed on the Grand Care floor. IT WAS AMAZING! !!! We had doormen, 24 hour service, and any and everything you can imagine. It was a 5 Star. There were plenty of restaurants right across the street and the doorman called us a taxi to take us to the mall and scheduled a time for him to pick us back up to get us safely back to the motel. You will be very pleased, I assure you.

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    Thanks for your opinion on the Grand Hotel in Tijuana BillieAvendano. We appreciate your input and your information is invaluable for others who are on their way to Mexico for their medical procedures. Thanks Again !

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