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Thread: Feedback on IVF clinics in Mexico?

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    Feedback on IVF clinics in Mexico?

    I am 39 yo and been married to a wonderful husband for over 4 years now. We've been TTC and is now desperate since I am not getting any younger and my clock is ticking. I know i think I maybe old to get pregnant. I've tried most natural methods and took fertility meds but none of them work yet. I am now thinking of having an IVF but I know it is very much expensive here in the US. With limited budget, I've searched everywehre and read that Medical tourism in mexico is a great option. I am looking for good clinics in Mexico

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    Follow up to my above question. Can anyone give a feedback on the following clinis?

    Mexican Institute of Infertility
    Clinic de la Fertilidad del Prado
    Hospital Angeles

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    Don't be silly!- If you go on vacation in Mexico you won't NEED ivf anymore. Mexico is such a paradise. You'll feel relaxed all the time.

    Whenever we go on vacation, our neighbor feels the need to say something along the lines of "Be careful you don't come back pregnant! and boom! +1

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    I have a friend who went to Mexico for her IVF. It was successful though. She's also 39yo that time. But it wasn't cheaper than what they could have done here. I am not sure about the price difference but I remember she said they also spent around $10K

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    Thanks for your questions crestedcardigan. For IVF in Cancun, Mexico the price is $5,000.00us. The price for medications varies from $2,500.00us to $3,000.00us. There are no taxes charged on top of these prices. There are two clinics which perform IVF. One is called Irega and the other is called FCC or Fertility Centre Cancun. They both have excellent IVF specialists and they both have excellent success rates. On top of the fee for IVF and the fee for medications, you need to also consider the price for a two week stay in Cancun and your flights and food. There are clean, good options for accommodations for $300.00us and there are fancy, beautiful all inclusive options for $1,000.00us per week. Where you choose to stay in Cancun can greatly increase your cost for your medical travel to Cancun. Contact one of the many facilitation services to discuss options and pricing and accommodations. There are also forms to be completed and labs which will be requested to ensure that you are good candidates for your IVF procedure. Good luck with your search and thanks for reaching out to our MedicalChatMexico community.

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