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Thread: Any bad surgeons in Mexico?

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    Any bad surgeons in Mexico?

    I am doing research on surgeons in Mexico. If you have specific information, negative or positive, please comment. I am even having trouble finding any forums that list doctors to avoid. If anyone has had extreme experiences, I would love to know the doctor's name and any details so I can avoid them. I realize opinions will vary, but if there are serious issues with any of them, please let me know so I may avoid disastrous results.

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    It is hard to say bad things about places. I also struggled to see which doctor to visit and I believe there is really one Doctor in Mexico for a procedure that I need. You may check out 630456/ and see if you can find something. They offer most surgeries and as fa as I can tell is one of the best in Mexico.

    I've read about these 2 doctors:

    Dr. Mario Almanza- ght-loss-surgery-in-mexico

    And also about Dr. Kelly. Here's a link about what is says about Dr. Kelly. Ramos Kelly, M.D., has recently been excused from various hospitals in Tijuana, including Florence Hospital.

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    I had a great experience in Tijuuana, Mexico with my Weight Loss Surgery. I chose Dr. Sergio Verboonen.
    He works together with International Patient Facilitators. I don't know if I am allowed to post links here but as you have posted them above and they are still there, I imagine I can.
    Anyways, my facilitator was Sheri and she took really great care of me. I have sent a few of my friends also and they have all had a good experience. I am happy to share my personal story if you would like. Good luck with your search FlowerChild!

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    I had an excellent experience in Mexico - I think that you can find excellent surgeons and bad surgeons in every country in the world. You just need to do your due diligence and research and speak to former patients and be sure that you get along well with the staff who is taking care of you. You want your emails responded to in a timely fashion and you want your calls answered in a timely fashion also. You need a great surgeon but you also need a great team. A great service up front will also generally be a great service after your surgery.

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    I had my surgery with Dr. Verboonen in Tijuana. I met a lot of his patients online and I still communicate with them today. It was an excellent experience and I would do it again in a heart-beat. I also used his facilitation company IPF and they took care of me every stop of the way. The hospital where I had my surgery was not fancy but it sure was clean and the nurses were excellent. The hotel where I stayed was also very nice. Everything happened just like I was told it would happen. Two thumbs up for Dr. V and his people who set up the surgery.

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    Dr Verboonen did my gastric sleeve in Cancun. He did a great job & I have been very pleased. It's a blessing to loose weight & not feel hungry. So far I'm down 54lbs. My liaison, Sheri Burke, has been there for me any time I had a question. I would recommend Dr V & his team to anyone interested in VGS. They were professional yet more KIND than having surgery in the US.

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