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Thread: Healthy Snack Alternative?

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    Healthy Snack Alternative?

    Can anyone suggest what are healthy snacks that I can eat? I had my operation and I am cautious of the foods that I eat because I donít want any complications. Iím currently craving for salty snacks. Thanks for the help

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    Here are some good snacks that you can try when craving for salty foods:

    Cucumber cut up with fat-free ranch and lightly sea salt.
    Thin slices of carrots dipped in lemon and sea salt.
    Radish dipped in vinegar and salt.
    Guacamole is another healthy alternative, do it yourself and leave out the oil.

    However, I normally just drink water when I'm craving or have a tablespoon of yogurt or pudding. They are great snacks because it's rich in protein.

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    This is a great thread, and I'm glad I found it. I don't really call it snacking because I eat 5-6 small meals a day, so I consider it a meal. I eat every 3 hours, and it keeps me full, and I am able to manage my cravings. I like eating:

    A handful of roasted peanuts
    A tablespoon of 0 calorie peanut butter
    Pop Corn
    Low-Fat Cheese
    Deli Meat

    I agree on the homemade guacamole. I sometimes just mash the avocado then add sea salt and a dash of pepper. It's healthy and satisfying!

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    Pita chips is a good snack. It's low in calories and has a decent amount of protein. You can dip that in your homemade guacamole or hummus. Almond is a healthier alternative to nuts. I have heard so much about edemame that it's great to snack on so you can check that out.

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    baby belle cheese has a decent amount of protein. I also like to snack on nuts (small amounts) and raw veggies dipped in low fat dip or hummus. I also like to snack on high quality greek yogurt mixed with cottage cheese. I like the texture.

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    I also eat raw veggies dipped in hummus. It's so yummy.

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