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Thread: Botox, anyone?

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    Botox, anyone?

    Hello everyone! I have noticed some wrinkles appearing recently around my forehead lines and I definitely think I look older than I should. I'm not that worried actually but here's my doctor who preformed skin removal sending out emails re: Botox Parties. I thought it was hilarious at first, but now I'm considering it. Just wanted to check if anyone else here has any experience they'd like to share. Were you satisfied with the results?

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    My co-worker has done it a couple of years back and recently I think that she got fillers, too. She looked great when she did it first! But in my opinion, looking at her a month or so later, the results didn't look the same. I mean, her lips looks terrific, no "bee stung" effect. Definitely not duck lips! It looks very natural. She had some on her forehead and around the corners of her eyes and she got really good results. But it was her first time for fillers, so I guess that sort of makes a difference.

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    I have good botox treatment experience because it is good for my struggling model career. It has not too much side effect and choice of right services provider one important factor.

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