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Thread: Exercises that will help with loose skin

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    Exercises that will help with loose skin

    In all honesty, I was pretty bad at keeping a gym schedule and ever since my operation, I have only been going there a couple of times since my doctor cleared me for exercising. All I've done is go on walks and do water aerobics. My doctor did advise that doing 30 minutes on the treadmill everyday would be more beneficial than going all out once a week or every 2 weeks. He thought it was more manageable for me. I was okay with it and I wasn't really concerned about losing so much weight. How about you guys? Especially for those who are 1-year+ since their surgery, are you still exercising or what do you do to maintain your weight loss? Can you share with us the exercises that you do on a regular basis? Let's exchange some ideas as I'm really curious about how everyone else has dealt with loose skin, which is I think is pretty inevitable afterwards.

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    The amount of loose skin really depends on several factors like your age, genetics, and how much weight loss you need or how long you were overweight. So I would say sometimes it's really just plain luck! I'm not quite sure how much of an impact will going to the gym really have on you but based on my own experience, I didn't do much exercise and I feel just lucky not to have so much loose skin. It really just firmed up in the long run.

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    Hey, ABaylor75! Since the results are different for everyone like DrNina67 said that there are certain factors to consider, let me just share what is working for me...

    So at about 2-3 months out, I was advised to do some walking which I found really boring but I did my best to do at least 30 minutes around my neighborhood or on my treadmill. That really got the muscles working which was necessary so they get to be stronger. Had to build my endurance. Then I did some moveable weight, but it was the water aerobics and swimming that really worked for me. A friend of mine who also had surgery says running works better for him and he does yoga, too. I might just try that next. Oh and you have to eat well.

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    I think consistency is key. It definitely has more significance than the total time you're investing on exercise. I think 30 minutes is enough but then I find that it's really quite easier to begin with less and then you can slowly work your way up to more time exercising. My typical workout takes only about 25-35 minutes and never over 40 minutes. Then I just focus on the intensity of the workout, not increasing any more time with the exercises. My advise is to workout first thing so you can create a regular routine, and then you can tend to other commitments. I think of it as my "ME" time and it works!

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    My workouts are similar to Babs's workouts - 40 minutes or less. I do my 30 minutes of cardio and then I focus on 3 weight lifting exercises and I focus on the intensity. I do not do more than 6 or 7 reps and 3 sets. If I can lift more than 7 reps, I know it's time to increase my weight. Weight lifting has really helped me with the wiggly jiggly arms. I see a big difference in only a few months of training and I also call it my "me time". Good Luck.

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    As for me, I did strength training. Then I lotioned up daily and nightly. I'm using one that promotes elasticity and collagen. And then also made sure to take all my proteins and water for the day because staying hydrated is also important!

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