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Thread: All this waiting and anticipating...

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    All this waiting and anticipating...

    Very sad right now. My surgery had been canceled. During my preop appointment, I had an EKG which was abnormal. Then I was assured that "No news is good news!". However, a couple of days later, I received a call saying the hospital thought it was NOT okay to go ahead with surgery unless I get a clearance from a heart doctor or a cardiologist. Now I find that the soonest available time for testing is on the 1st of August. I really should be at the hospital right now for my surgery... I'm just so emotional about it now.

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    Oh, you poor thing. I'm so sorry to hear this but I'm hoping this is but a minor bump on your path. Praying you'll get that cardiac clearance the soonest possible time.

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    You know what, I also didn't get my surgery on the scheduled date and I can understand how frustrating it is! I initially felt my world just caving in and thought that it just wasn't meant to be. Really, I though it was going to take a year or more and I felt so heavy. I was very uncomfortable and the emotional toll of waiting for surgery was killing me, too! Like your heart is really set on the date... but then, no. The surgery isn't happening. At least not yet, but it's awful. But guess what, a month later, I did it! I mean, the surgery pushed through sooner than I thought and I remember feeling really ecstatic! I'm sure you'll get there and it will be the same for you. I'm positive things will work out. The universe always has a way of paving the way for things you truly wish for. I'm sorry you're going through this because I truly felt this pain! Sending you hugs... xx

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    All I can say is hang in there! It's gonna happen!!! I had an abnormal EKG as well, although it was a couple of months before my surgery was scheduled. I was then cleared by my heart doctor/cardiologist and eventually I had the surgery! So I know you'll get there soon. Do keep us posted.

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