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Thread: Diseases in not taking Vitamins

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    Diseases in not taking Vitamins

    I understand that multivitamins are very important because after the operation, GPs will not be able to eat normal, therefore there is lack in nutrition. What kind of deficiencies can result in not taking vitamins?

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    Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause memory loss, anemia, numbness, and disorientation. Lack in calcium can lead to diseases such as bone pain, osteoporosis, rickets, muscle cramping, and hypotension. Vitamin D deficiency can also be the root of weakness, decrease in calcium absorption, osteoporosis, and bone and muscle pain. Low in iron can cause anemia, hair loss, fatigue, and lower immune function. These are only a few of the diseases that patients may be facing if they do not take their prescribed multivitamins everyday because of lack in nutrition from their limited diet. I'm sure others can share more so please feel free to add whatever you can here.

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