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Thread: Cost of Weight Loss Surgery Mexico

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    Cost of Weight Loss Surgery Mexico

    I've had bariatric surgery done in this country and have lost 250lbs. I live in the US but chose to get this procedure done overseas as it is much less expensive and saved me lots of money.

    I read the in the USA, Canada and Australia, starts from $15,500 up to a whopping $30,000. That's a huge amount of money! Where as in Mexico, I only had it for less than $8000. That's half of the cost I saved if I had it done in my country.

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    I agree! Some popular surgeons in Mexico charge as follows:
    Dr. Jaime Ponce de leon - $4999 upwards
    Dr. Jesus Lopez Dominguez - $4399 upwards
    Dr. Jalil Illan - $4399 upwards

    I think that's a lot of savings!

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    I paid $4,500.00 with Dr. Sergio Verboonen in Tijuana, Mexico. International Patient Facilitators set things up for me and I paid $675 to schedule with my credit card and the balance of $3,825 on the day of my surgery. I paid with a cashiers check. You need to also pay for flights to SanDiego so maybe add another 500 dollars. Best money I have ever spent. Here at home I would have paid $17,000 dollars. Um, that's a very big savings.

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    It is important to base your decision for Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery) in Mexico not only on price. You need to be sure you do your research and go with a very highly trained and experienced surgical team. Take your time and do not rush or feel pressured into any decisions. Do not allow a price of $500 dollars less to sway your decision if the surgical team is not as experienced. It's always better to pay a bit more and to get a very experienced surgical team with an excellent record and a lot of happy patients.

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    Cost of Weight Loss Surgery M

    Hi beewax85 How are you doing with your weight loss? Are the pills working now? I do hope you have lost some weight already. Good luck

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