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Thread: How long is the Hospital Stay ?

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    How long is the Hospital Stay ?

    Hey everyone! I do have a question.hhow long was your hospital stay with your procedures? I am supposed to have gastric bypass surgery but they only put a one night hospital stay. Well I assumed that the gastric sleeve procedure is done one night while the gastric bypass was two? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I only had one night in the hospital for gastric bypass. Any longer would have been totally unnecessary. You may check with your doctor as I heard some had 2 -3 nights.

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    Oh what a surprise! Standard hospital stay for both sleeves and bypasses are like 3-5 days where I got surgery. Patients are discharged mostly on the 5th post-op day.

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    How long is the Hospital Stay

    Hi, have done a search but couldnt find answers. Approx how long are you in surgery having a total abdominal hysterectomy please? Have mine next week, thank you.

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    How long is the Hospital Stay

    Thanks Dave Im assuming you mean that I should buy 58 lbs not have about 58 lbs after its rendered down...right?

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    Probably shouldn't be longer than a couple of nights at the most.

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