Are You Ready For Bariatric Surgery

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As a patient coordinator/ liaison and a nutritionist, I stay close with patients before, after, and many years out from surgery. Sadly, there's often a common misconception that patients who choose to have surgery are taking the "easy way out." Short story - IMO : going under the knife is not copping out.

I find this an unfair comment. I have never seen a patient who hasn't carefully considered the risks of surgery or what they will have to incorporate and eliminate from their lives afterward. Proactively choosing a surgical tool, when all other measures have failed, is a courageous example of taking personal responsibility for one's health...not a stroll down Easy Street.

When an individual meets the BMI minimum and has had no luck with a long series of diet and exercise plans- bariatric surgery could be the tool helping them regain their health.

The journey after weight loss surgery is exciting, scary, motivating and hard. As more weight is lost, confidence grows but new challenges appear. Relationships can be tested; self-esteem may soar or sink. It's no surprise that support during this journey is essential. Research repeatedly shows patients receiving professional, non-judgmental support after surgery lose the most weight and keep it off. Since surgery is only step 1 in the weight management marathon, it's clear to me, patients choosing this option aren't slackers at all-more like superheroes.

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